Focal Length:4.13mm
Max and Cosmo pose in front of African Sunset Petunias


Max has been a sport as he adapts to his new life in the West.

He now embraces the delights of outside, chasing butterflies, sleeping in the shade, eating grass.


We do not let him free-roam. He is in a protected space that we hope feels like some freedom (a space that he considers an extension of his home, as he doesn’t even POOP there, but rather asks to come in to go to his box!)

And, as we expected, Max has bonded with a new rescue kitten. Very black, very tiny Cosmo!


Though Cosmo’s energy at 12 weeks far exceeds Max’s at four years, they have found some degree of sweet peace together.


And have even learned to share.


The two are a delight together. We are all four so fortunate to share this space!




As they do… the kitten has grown! Cosmo is  full-of-the-devil, tree-climbing, yard-escaping, slinky, shiny bundle of PURR!


And Max seems glad to have the company, still:




4 comments on “Cats”

  1. I’m sure Max will not miss the din of the trains at night in NYC. He looks like he has found a peaceful place to enjoy his life.

    • Thanks, Dan! Max may be asking right now just what I have brought him into, but when I visit he purrs. That works for me… for now.

  2. Yes, MES. As hard as it is for you to be away from Max, you will be ‘ready’ when you find a place for him to join you. He knows you are trying to adjust to your new life and he wouldn’t have your full attention yet, anyhow. And that, my dear friend, just wouldn’t cut it with Max!! He is pleasantly distracted while you are being pleasantly distracted…it’s all good.

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