By: mesanger

Oct 10 2017

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Focal Length:4.13mm
Shutter:1/533 sec

(as wildfires threaten lives and livelihoods in California and the northwest)


It snowed yesterday,

Early even for here —

And the cosmos bent

Their lanky stalks,

For a merited rest

After a summer of

Hot whirling samba.

This afternoon, the sun

Boasted again through the skylight.

A moment of gold through fallen leaves.

And the words that came to me

Were fiery and fierce, like autumn.

The words were incendiary, blazing.

Incandescent, radiant.

Wildfire. Incineration. Ignition.

And I thought of Hegel, the unity of opposites.

How strawberries grow on dung and how

A word that points to beauty,

Can also point to pain.

And I thought of context,

And cycles,

The inevitable twist

Of summer to fall, the

Way pain is reborn

As pea green shoots

Barely visible in the muck.

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