Who loses?

The idea chases some of us like a threatening swarm: That our friends and family will be harmed or displaced or dishonored. That the children we love will not grow toward light. That the earth we inhabit, whose laws and theories give themselves up to us at great cost, will not be respected.

For citizens who want the country to reclaim a healthy path (all?), we can hope for the next president to succeed, not according to his plan laid out in the campaign, which is indisputably divisive — but to succeed at his new mission of recognizing the country entrusted to him: a country achingly divided, where only 26% of the voting population blackened the box by his name, a country large and wide and diverse. His “market” has changed and demands to be included.

That the new president succeed with this new market of citizens of unquestionably diverse creeds, beliefs, backgrounds and hopes is a daunting task. We should not only wish the next president success, but strive to help him see the insistent diversity of his new market, should he have a blind spot.

Here is a list of places brought together by my friend Yvonne and me and others who care about “justice for all,” that can assist us in our work toward helping the next president see that diversity reigns in the USA. Or… should he somehow not make proper note of that as he gets a feel for who we, as a country, are — to help us know how to stand up to acts that would challenge the authority and agency of diversity.

NARAL Pro-Choice America
Greenpeace USA
Environmental Defense Fund
Standing Rock Indian Reservation
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
ACLU Nationwide
Human Rights Campaign
Southern Poverty Law Center
Equal Justice Initiative
The Dream.US Scholarship
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
The Sentencing Project

Please feel free to comment below with additional sources of strength. If we don’t work with our entire network toward the success of an agenda of diversity… who loses?



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