Lactobacillus acidophilus

By: mesanger

Mar 03 2016

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After my many years of assisting travelers in Mexico with inevitable bumps in the road, the jury is still out on whether the lactobacillus acidophilus I often suggested actually helps control traveler’s diarrhea (“the big D”). The idea was to crowd out the “bad flora” from that piece of lettuce on last night’s salad by flooding our system with good flora.  Just send mobs and mobs of good bacteria from yogurt or those nifty gel-caps so the bad guys are overwhelmed. Not sure if it made good medical sense, but the “kill ’em with kindness” attack mode fit for me, and sure couldn’t hurt, right?

These days when the air waves are so full of not-so-random expressions of hatred and bigotry, of other-bashing, of blind admiration of the naked emperor’s clothes (I apologize for that image), it seems that the bad flora is running amok. It feels more and more urgent to consider consciously and continuously seeding good flora, whether by sharing chocolate with friends or performing radical RAKs. Random Acts of Kindness. Whatever our method, it is time to flood our system with good flora. While this may well be simplistic, it cannot be wrong, right?

Today I may leave a book of poetry on a bench on campus. Or draw a smiley face on my rent check. None of these actions may stop the big D, but it may make me feel better in the meantime*.

*…and meanwhile I do not abdicate my civic responsibility to face hatred and bigotry where they may appear and appropriately denounce.


2 comments on “Lactobacillus acidophilus”

  1. I have read and LOVE this post as I do all of yours. Question…I actually use Renew Life Ultimate Flora every day. At the bottom of your entry was an ad for this product…coincidence that you put it there or does the giant eye-in-the-sky just know my every move and throw it in there on its own?

    I was at a funeral for a very close friend of Lisa’s last week and was asked to hand a stone out to all attending. Everybody (including myself) was curious. I explained to those who inquired that the deceased (a bit of a prankster himself) said if the eulogy sucked…he wanted them thrown at the speaker (Lisa’s brother). Actually during the eulogy, the story was told how Larry’s goodness as a person and contributions to his students (a very well liked teacher) was like a stone tossed into the water creating ripples. We were all part of Larry’s ripple. Our stone was to be placed somewhere where we would see it every day to remember Larry and to create our own ripples. It has really helped…I am looking at the stone as I type this…working at my ripples 🙂

    Love you MES,


  2. Ads that appear are totally random… I think! Probably your cookies give you ads that appeal to you. They are watching. Thanks for the call today — missed the song.

    I love the stone thing. Sorry Lisa lost a good friend. Now you have a stone and a teddy bear to remind you of impermanence and connection and love.

    Maybe at my memorial you could pass out cat furballs. A reminder that love is messy and fluffy and sticks to your clothes.

    love you!

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