Random Acts of Love

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, on to the real stuff of love. Yesterday, I strung hearts on the wall and we made a special dinner, with champagne and decadent chocolate dessert, served at a table set with candles and adorned with a fluffy red and white bouquet of exquisite flowers. We followed the script for Valentine’s Day, and it was sweet.

I have the distinct good fortune to have a Significant Otter* who excels in Random Acts of Love. The kind that just tumble into a day and make it different from the one before. On a chilly day he walks me all the way to my stop on campus, instead of zipping into his lab for warmth. We are holding gloved hands. He hates the Saturday NY Times crossword puzzle, yet sits by my side as we plod through it together. He installs lights in the greenroom (his idea, not mine — no nagging, no prodding), and his only tangible reward is fresh rosemary for chicken. He brings home copper salts to throw in the fire because he knows I like color, and sometimes makes our pancakes purple. Or pink.

Yes, I think taking a moment to celebrate love (or friendship!) on Valentine’s Day is important. Beyond the commercial red cupcakes and white tulips, or the pink and red M&Ms that friends may share, the pause we make and the frills we design to hold love up to the light to watch it throw its prism are potent dose of YES! A fanfare to all those random acts of love that happen on random everydays that may have more dust and be less rose-scented, while no less illustrative of the gleam that love brings to our days.

I lived most of my adult life making my own decisions about when and where and why and how. Happily independent, alone but not lonely, I was advised by a friend to keep one eye open to the possibility that love might be lurking. Having now so fortunately found it, I aim to keep both eyes open for Random Acts of Love, not ever wanting to miss the lofty significance of the tiny volumetric flask he brings home as a vase for my zinnias.


* Boyfriend and lover sound too impermanent, significant other too alienating and partner too corporate. Significant Otter has the right amount of whimsy, and I reserve the right to change the Ts to Ds should the occasion require.


6 comments on “Random Acts of Love”

  1. Love, love, lovely!

  2. Made my day after so much sweeter!

  3. Love to you and your odder otter!

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