What you see

By: mesanger

Jan 12 2015

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Shutter:1/0 sec

“It’s not so much what you look at but what you see.”

This beautiful quote is from inside a prison. It appears in Orion Magazine’s article entitled “How long has it been since you smelled a flower?” Introduced by Richard Shelton, who has spent four decades writing with men in prison, the article includes so many more beautiful words from “inside” that I would strongly offer not only reading it, but spreading it around.


The wind is cold and barbed
and the moon is buttering dreams
in another land.
A day of snow grays the night.
My breathing clouds the air
with possibilities
the wind refuses quickly to consider.
In the absence of the moon,
decisions of the wind are absolute.

A campfire burns perceptions
down to coals of truth—
the smoke is gone.
Beyond the edges of the ember light,
yellow pairs of eyes
stalk back and forth
testing the air for answers
to hunger and desire.

Tonight I choose to howl:
a song, a prayer
in the language of the lost.

—Michael Small


The orchid above is from a recent visit to Denver Botanic Gardens. This print and many others from my series of flowers and Colorado landscapes (and hearts!) — are online at my Etsy space. “…it’s what you see.” I invite you to see with me some of the hope of spring in the colors there.


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