Clematis at Christmas

By: mesanger

Dec 23 2014

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Category: life

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Focal Length:4.13mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Colorado climate won’t support clematis at Christmas, but I can keep them close through my print process. I thought this one looked rather like a Poinsettia. Made me feel all December-like.

Here is hoping your holidays are warming — hugs and cookies and something peppermint.

Clematis comes from Greek for “a climbing plant.” I think of tendrils, stems winding around anything they reach, leaves striving toward light. Maybe intertwining is a good model to follow these days. So much going on in the world that wants to split us apart — not a bad idea to pull each other close for a bit. To remember how it feels to wrap ourselves around a person, an idea, a hope, a book, a pet, a poem — and strive toward light.

Happy Season. Warm, pepperminty, safe and happy season!


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