Something about an anemone

By: mesanger

Dec 19 2014

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Focal Length:4.13mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

There is just something alluring about an anemone. Is it the liquid rhythm of the name with its alternating vowels? The accent falling gracefully where it does?*

What is it about the anemone? Is it the fanciful meaning of the word itself? “Daughter of the Wind.” Formidably beautiful.

Or is it the simple grace of these unpretentious blooms? Arriving late on the scene in the start of autumn, the anemone waves to the wind on long thin stems. They look so delicate. Yet they stand up to the wind. Flowering fortitude.

For more prints, see my Etsy store. The anemone is one of my favorites. I have plenty and more to come!

from Canada Anemone by Fleda Brown…

“Each star of a bloom
is driven upward almost against
            its small nature. All it can do
                     is hang on and die.
Still, it did want to go
            as high as possible,
                     for some reason,
to sway up there like an art object.”

* In English, these words with an accent on the ante-penultimate syllable have the very clinical sounding name of “proparoxytones.” This post features TWELVE proparoxytones (not counting in this note). Can you find them all?


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