By: mesanger

Nov 10 2014

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Something that reminded me too much of snow fell today. It was more like a frozen rain. I don’t know the precise word meteorologists use. There are all kinds of weather words that I don’t know. Bombogenesis. Williwaw. Katabatic windWeather Online lists nothing short of 42 terms just for WINDS throughout the world.

It is interesting how we name things that are important to us. Joseph names his computers. I look at the network and see “Linalool” and “Einstein.” [Names have been changed to protect the innocent.] I called my Cuphea Sriracha Rose plant “Hottie” all season. The Sami people and 1000 different words for reindeer.

Sometimes we don’t know what to call things. Like Woody Allen on “love” in Annie Hall. Lerve. Loave. Luff. This frozen snow-rain. And lots of things going on in the world right now. What do you call the unthinkably searing pain a mother feels when her son has disappeared? What do you call the impossibly tangled knots of selective blindness, impunity, injustice? The words are too heavy for the page, and for my head. Nerve. No. Nuff.



2 comments on “Williwaw”

  1. I’m going to go see your friend Elena pero ando arrastrando la rabia y el dolor. I might need to rename them to process them.

    • I know, mi Luz. There is so much to process. It will be good to hear Elena’s voice on this I think. When in the zócalo, she read the names and descriptions of all 43. Sending a hug.

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