On a year and a day in Fort Collins

By: mesanger

Aug 15 2014

Category: life


So I am content here… but what have I DONE in a year?

  • I got my Colorado drivers license after ten years of not driving in NYC
  • Published, promoted and sold 500 copies of what some are calling my prison memoir
  • Published the fourth volume in the ongoing “Poem-a-Day” series with Yvonne Garrett
  • Sowed approximately 150 different flowers, vegetables and herbs, learning about Colorado climate as I go
  • Spent every Wednesday evening during college semesters writing with the women of Larimer County Detention Center in the Speak Out Program of the Community Literacy Center of CSU
  • Sat with a group of intelligent people at the CSU Office of Diversity to brainstorm a video for the department
  • Joined the Fort Collins Cat Rescue Volunteer Team to help with their annual gala
  • Continued to work remotely with Riverstone Senior Life Services, bringing me to a total of nine years with the agency
  • Read amazing fiction manuscripts for the PEN Prison Writing Program
  • Raised some money with my good good friends, for New York Writers Coalition — a dear and pet project for New Yorkers
  • Learned how to make homemade fettuccine with Joseph, as we entertained a bunch of friends and family who came to stay a few hours, a night, a week!
  • Translated for International Planned Parenthood, Western Hemisphere Region
  • Obtained interesting speakers for Center for Nonprofit Success‘s various nonprofit summits from Seattle to Boston
  • Cooked some delicious meals each third Tuesday with Joseph for the Catholic Charities food mission
  • Variously kept up with this blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr and email… oh so much email!
  • Read a few good books, among them the recommendable “Prayers for the Stolen” by Jennifer Clement (which Joseph humorously called my “Pastry Book”) — a serious, lyrical tale of strong women in Mexico (wonder why I liked it so much?)
  • didn’t write enough…
  • thought of translating my book
    • and a few other things…

      But just in case you thought I spent all my time in the garden!


4 comments on “On a year and a day in Fort Collins”

  1. I can only say you are AMAZING! Mes, all you do is create and help, cuando crezca quiero ser como tú

    • Luz — You are on such a good path — you are aspiring to be YOU! I help around where I can because it connects me. Otherwise I might find myself playing Candy Crush and doing Wii Dance Party and eating too many cherries! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 🙂

  2. And you forgot to put that you have a gang of followers that are delighted with your writings in all moods and shapes, regardless of political, social, religious or gardening backgrounds! Te queremos mucho! Atte. Your Fan Club!

    • Ramon — I consider myself fortunate that my “banda” has stayed close throughout the years! I like keeping track of the good things my friends are doing, too! Hugs and more hugs from Colorado…

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