The particular perk of petunias

Petunia seeds do this. Tiny capsules bust through dirt and burgeon and bluff their way through storm and wind and excessive sun, to — come summer — bounce their frills in my face each morning as if to say “Nothing will keep us from dancing!

Petunias are a particularly raucous and showy example of the miracle of plant growth. My nodding onion, for example, is still just nodding, a wisp, as if she forgot the password, dropped the key, lost the map. It happens sometimes. I am sure she will find her way.

And the Penstemon and Hyssop from seed have yet to bloom, but beckon each afternoon with “almost.” The mint is crazy everywhere.

There is no room for boredom in a garden. No room for desperation or hopelessness. We grow flowers because they are fragrant or colorful or show-stopping. And we grow them because it is so, so buoying to be so close to nature so earnest and creative.


One comment on “The particular perk of petunias”

  1. Hola Mary Ellen!

    Great to read about your passion fir flowers, I do remember that you had them even in your trailer in Cabo….

    I wanted to ask if you knew of a ESL school nearby your area since I am panning on having Samuel my yongest 18 yr old take some classes before he starts University in Jan-Feb.

    I like Colorado and having someone nearby would help mama Anabel with peace of mind that he can have a place to visit if he gets a little homesick…

    I understand that if he takes less than 18 hours a week he can attend with his regular Tourist Visa otherwise he will need to apply for a Student visa.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I do not know what kind of scenario and work load you have, but I would love to explore the options for paid room and board in the event you have a basement or somewhere for him to crash….

    He is a great kid, very responsible and a love for pets. I want him to improve hos English before embarking in College. We did the same for Ramon un California but the family he stayed with spoke spanish, so even though he did good in class we feel it was not the ideal scenario.

    Please let me know candidly what your feelings are about this crazy idea of mine…

    Besos y abrazos desde Montego Bay!

    Lo queria traer aca pero la escuela de ESL en MoBay  cerro durante el otono y no saben si van a abrir para Invierno….   Ramon Ascencio Los Cabos

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