And the garden grows…

Summer has overtaken my time. I am watering, pinching, pulling, plucking and re-discovering (after a long absence from having dirt under my fingernails), the delight of watching buds open from seed. The heat of the Colorado sun is a challenge for tender plants and a necessity for others. I scramble to move pots of easily wilted strawflowers into shade, while inching the petunias into more and more light.

Most of my garden is in pots this season, for that reason — as I learn what can handle this high-altitude sun without withering.

Soon we will have tomatoes, eggplants, some hot peppers, green beans and herbs. Every day new flowers open. Nasturtiums, calendula, cosmos, thunbergia, marigolds, zinnias, petunias, bachelor buttons, four-o-clocks, morning glories, lobelia and poppies have produced colorful displays so far, with geraniums, tithonia, more cosmos, more petunias, more zinnias, daisies, African daisies, plumbago, carnation, bee balm, penstemon, butterfly weed, cuphea, dianthus, gazania and more to follow!

It is all quite an obvious metaphor… for my new life in Colorado. Abundance and bloom with a little studied respite from the intensity of the sun and a bracing dose of wind, rain and earth. We are stamen and pistil, leaf, stem and root. We open, dizzy with the scent of pines and meet the day fresh.

Winter on our deck


vs. Summer


Big Bang!


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