These little Spanish Bluebells are one of the many surprises showing up at La Cabaña as we spend our first spring here. Joseph recognized these as bluebells… I looked them up for the “Spanish” part. Not sure. If someone can better identify them I’m all ears. They were among the first leaves to poke through the snow when we moved in here in February, and are finally flowering now!

Other surprises include, a crabapple:


And Max learning to love the outdoors! He didn’t have a good past history with the wild, having been left there once to fend for himself. And he is not a good fender. A kind woman found him in the woods, rescued him, and another kind woman nursed him back to health from near starvation. He is in a comfortable and trusting space now — and true to his felinity, had intense curiosity about outdoors. He took to it like a champion. There was no denying him. We spend most of our time outdoors, and it made no sense to have him inside all mewing-lonely-like. I had to swallow my frets and furrows and trust him. All my cats before him have figured it out. “Please stay close, sweet Max.” And he does. Sure, Joseph has secured the perimeter and it is not likely he will escape from his back yard. Still, he is a cat, you know. I trust his fondness of home. I trust he will not wander.

Here he is looking rather lion-like:


He can only go on the protected side, and never at night. But he seems to be super-content with his new ground, and so am I as long as he continues to come when called!

The biggest batch of surprises is yet to come. I have germinated hundreds of seeds… to see what grows here. From Rocky Mountain Penstemon to Pink Calendula. I hope to be pleasantly surprised… with a deck-full of flowers by late summer. Seed-grown gardens are slower than gardens that benefit from the purchase of starter plants, but I am all kinds of wide-eyed watching these seeds germinate and grow!


Now, if we can just do with fewer surprises like the one I found this morning… Looks like a raccoon dug through just-beginning-to-establish-themselves red and orange cosmos [raccoons being one of the many reasons Max cannot go out at night!]

Still, life is like that. And I’ll take surprises over static any day!


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  1. Adorable photo of Max! J.

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