This weekend, Joseph and I will start moving into this sweet log cabin in Fort Collins. Getting a home ready for us and for Max!

When I moved to Fort Collins to be with Joseph, we knew that we would be searching soon for a new home as we needed a cat-friendly space. I noted that whenever I looked for a home in the past, I was most content if the non-specific modifiers “weird” or “unusual” could be somehow applied. Even “funky.” This cabin on the almost-outskirts fits the bill and then some. And Joseph has dreamed of living in just this spot for decades.


Inside the cabin is light and sweet. I may try to talk the landlord into letting me paint an accent wall in this living room, a promising shade of Spring Cactus or Corn Husk. Setting the scene for growth.

I am told that I may soon be tearing my hair out, because the deer will be eating my seedlings and warmly tended flowers. The ones I hope to have. I look forward to being regularly close enough to deer to have these deep feelings about them. And can’t we all just get along?

I love befores and eagerly look forward to the growth that comes with them. Stay tuned. Much more to come as this chapter buds.


5 comments on “Befores”

  1. Can’t wait to visit!-janell

  2. All good luck in your lovely new home!

  3. Deer are just as good eating and squirrels. Just being your brother. 🙂 Can’t wait to visit.. Love ya

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