Love in the time of C-C-C-Cold!

I arrived in August, and these same trees were replete with shade under a high and insistent sun. Now the trees are festive and the sun lies low in the sky. At night they put on their crazy hats. The Gardens on Spring Creek are hell-bent on being gorgeous any time of year, any time of day and night.

It has been cold here. Single digits and below zero at night. Face-cracking weather. But as I told Joseph, I did not come here for the weather (though it is, indeed, generally good!) Today it warmed up way over freezing, and near 30 geese gathered in the parking lot of Aggie Village where we live, to converse in loud and beguiling goose tones. Canada geese are common in Fort Collins in this season. It is said that back in the 50s, some Fish and Wildlife workers introduced a few goose eggs and not only did a population start here, but migrant geese started joining them. Now there is a steady resident population of some 10,000 geese, and a snowbird winter population of up to 50,000 birds that, like the train whistle dopplering through town, locals sometimes find annoying but I always find charming.

This migrant goose is happy to have found a place to spread her wings in Fort Collins. Come what cold may come. I planted paperwhite nacissus to remind me of spring.


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