The Ivy Calendar

I bought a little ivy and repotted it into a periwinkle pot. It sits now in a western-facing window. Every morning, I check it for new growth, and watch stubs unfurl to sweet variegated leaves. It is a kind of calendar. A way to watch the passing of time. I hope someday it will spill lushly over the side of its little pot and trail off the window sill.

And I will look back at this picture and say… “Oh! Remember when the ivy was small? When winter had not yet come? Remember when my book was just born? And when I was tickled every day in the embrace of new love? Remember?”

And on that future date my ivy, all tangled in her own wild push for exuberance may suggest that growth is inevitable and yes, time has passed. On that future date I expect to still be tickled by love, still be looking each day for the promise of new leaves.


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