Words in full color

Colorful sugar animals from Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City pictured above.

Pictured below…

Colorful covers from the three “Poem-a-Day” anthologies I contributed to with Yvonne Garrett since 2010:

They link to the Amazon.com page where you can peek inside.

And the waxing moon Icarus waiting

And the waxing moon: backcountry skiing in Afghanistan (2012)

Icarus cannonballed: A lesson in cave-diving in the Bahamas (2011)

Waiting for the end of the world: thoughts of bullfrogs and guerillas (2010)

Colorful books, colorful titles

Yvonne and I undertook a month’s worth of everyday poems back in National Poetry Month (April) 2010. We liked it so much that we continued to write… every day! Enough to produce now three volumes of unedited, as-they-came-from-our-pens poems. One volume a year.

Our fourth issue is going to be sparse on my part. While Yvonne slogs away at multitudinous degrees, with papers and exams and library and studying and a full time job… she keeps writing! And all I did was move to Colorado, and I am poemless. The muses are floating within arm’s reach, but they haven’t landed for me. Still, a sorta poem emerges from time to time. And with a long-term view of this project, there will be some years more poemy than others…

With the inspiration of mountains and new love — I am sure I will get back to the poems soon. Meanwhile, I have “Blackbirds in the Pomegranate Tree” coming out within a day or so… and these books on my shelf to remind me that I can count on creativity. My colorful always companion.




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