Sleeping with Max

By: mesanger

Oct 14 2013

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Category: life


We cat-sat and slept with Max this weekend in his adoptive home. Max has always been welcome on the bed and we have missed his lump and stump (Max is a Manx). 

It was hard to fall asleep with the loud purr (from Max). 

We woke up with Max on one side and his buddy Bosley on the other. Soft and softer. It was a sweet, sweet Sunday. Soon, Max. Soon.


2 comments on “Sleeping with Max”

  1. Awww, so nice to fall asleep to a cat purr. My old kitty is 14, and we’ve always been best friends, but she never got used to sleeping on my bed. Once in a while she will, though, and it’s a treat, especially in the winter when warm, furry things feel best.

    • Thanks for the sweet comment, Rachel! We are waiting to get a cat-friendly place so that we can reunite with our Max.

      Now, if we could only teach them to sleep under the covers by our feet on those REALLY cold nights!


      Thanks again for the note!

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