Colorado Silver

Joseph in a fog of icy nitrogen vapor one chill evening behind the Chemistry Building at CSU.

2013-10-14 07.57.49

Silver Sidestep — Joseph doing the liquid nitrogen dance.


2013-10-14 07.57.46

Liquid nitrogen boils (and turns to vapor) at -321 degrees F. At some CSU events, chem professors like to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen (and vanilla and cream). But of course, liquid nitrogen requires careful handling. This transfer was done outside, where there is no danger of the nitrogen reducing the oxygen concentration in our breathable air (and causing asphyxiation).

And Joseph spent mere seconds in that vapor (as liquid nitrogen is also a cryogenic fluid).

Here is a fun youtube video about liquid nitrogen. When was the last time you heard the words “fun” and “nitrogen” in the same sentence?

More than you ever thought you would know about this element, I’ll bet.


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