Boring location

By: mesanger

Sep 30 2013

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These two guys are crazy about each other.

Max reacts immediately to the sound of Joseph’s voice. They do “boy” things together, as they did in the Bronx. I do pets and Joseph does pokes and they both are met with room-shaking purrs. Max loves Joseph (used to be to the point of my exclusion, but now living apart, I think he takes it all from both of us whenever he can!) This weekend we seemed to need a lot of Maxiness in our lives…

We are waiting to see what kind of full-time job I get to be able to move to a cat-friendly home. I am doing my best on that score, making associations where I am able, volunteering around campus. It will come.

But this weekend, in addition to Max, we found another reason to keep that move in the forefront:

Our apartments were deemed a boring location.

Aggie Village is a series of two-level apartment building open to graduate students and faculty. Sometimes we hear violin music. Or singing Koreans. The outdoor halls often smell of exotic spices, warmed over an electric stove. Aggie Center features cooking classes — this week it is Seafood Pasta. Last week it was Pakistani food. There are usually intriguingly colorful saris hanging on the clotheslines. And all manner of children who say “hello” in various languages.


But there it was — in the parking lot — proof. Only a minor disturbance to residents with cars or bikes, and a good deal quieter than the early-morning garbage truck: A BORER.

They were boring down into the substrata testing soil samples. Long Story Short (as predicted by our mailman and hinted at by many) — to plan for the construction of multi-level units on this space starting May.

So we will be moving anyway. Sooner or later, job or not.

This weekend Joseph and I put together a 5-shelf bookcase (I read him the instructions, he assembled).


I rescued some books from storage — poetry, books in Spanish, anthologies of short stories in both languages. And I found my Oaxacan prints and colorful rebozos. I tested Joseph’s agnosticism and put the wooden Virgen de Guadalupe atop my books.


This took several trips to and from our storage in Adam and Julia’s garage, carting over-sized boxes in Joseph’s wee Miata.

And we rearranged the teensy tiny kitchen to accommodate a new toaster oven. Joseph made biscuits in it on Sunday.

We nested together and it felt good. And both of us carried on through the weekend imagining nesting in a place where we have room for Max. Both of us imagined how sweet the bed would be with his Maxiness there. We both pined a little for that bright future for three of us.

We’re coming, Max!



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