Who doesn’t love Max?

So I am shamelessly using him to get your attention for Riverstone –


From CO, though I continue working for Riverstone remotely, I cannot sit with the amazing group of seniors in the Memory Center to write each week (See Leo’s post on my fundraising page)…

But I can join with the team who is reaching out to their circles for support.

$5 really DOES go a long way at Riverstone for seniors, caregivers and the community. I spent 8 years as Assistant Executive Director helping direct pennies there — I know.

Give if you can, or repost if you feel the warmth for seniors!



2 comments on “Who doesn’t love Max?”

  1. OK!!! I will!!! That face of his(MAX)! UGH! Just want to squeeze him!

    • You’re not just humoring me? Do you know — when I first went to pick Max up — I thought him homely. I didn’t care, because he needed a home and I needed him, but still — thought he was a bit gangly and ordinary. I must have been hallucinating — because I think he is one maximus photogenic cat now — and you’re NOT just agreeing with me because you’re my friend, right??? 😉

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