Another storm

By: mesanger

Sep 15 2013

Category: life

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Colorado has had a bit of rain…


Flooding exists.

I have known my share of storms and floods. Hurricanes and flash floods were all-too-common in the Caribbean and on the Pacific coast where I lived for years. Moving to Colorado, I had been forewarned about dry-dry-dry-dry-dry. After four days of annoying light drizzle, the news of university closings, bridge closings, highway limitations, evacuations and some great loss took me by surprise.


It’s just weather, I thought.

Sandra Postel, National Geographic’s Freshwater Fellow, reports that the flooding may be linked to recent droughts, which have hardened the soil of the Colorado River Basin, preventing it from absorbing much of the rainfall. Forest fires may also shoulder some of the blame; a portion of the vegetation normally responsible for trapping rainwater burned to the ground in recent years.

I have the appropriate awe around acts of nature, having seen the devastating effects of too much wind/water first hand. On a sunny Friday, safe in our own zone, we got closer to the Cache La Poudre River in the north part of town and better grasped the volume of water that had accumulated in four days of rain in the area.


It has not yet stopped raining here.

It is a rare, billion-dollar flood here at this point. Some whole towns incomunicado, evacuations continuing and water not yet subsiding. Thank you for keeping Colorado close.

We are fortunate, safe and just a little damp. Holding out for the sun we know will come. We’ve seen the post-storm sun before. Same sun, not taken for granted.



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