Dispatch from the tailless

Take it from me. I know. Life can turn upside down in the open and shut of a haw.*

One moment, I was underneath my bed in the Bronx, batting at dust bunnies, and the next — well, I’ll spare you the stuff I didn’t really understand (just felt like I did a LOT of catnip!)… And then… I am in this sweet house that smells like glitter and glee with — five other felines!

I hadn’t passed through enough of my lives to believe I could be in cat-heaven yet. But I finally had pals! With long tails to bat at!

“Hey Guys! Hi! Let’s Play!”


What does THAT mean? These guys all looked like my kin, and they were hissing at me. What up, bros?


So… yeah, not cat-heaven.

And don’t be fooled. Franklin and Lola LOOK like they are sleeping in kitty-peace there, but they have their multi-directional ears perked for the slightest movement from me, and they… will… pounce!

But then there’s Julia and Adam. You know how some humans have it? They just know the cat thing and you just want to be near them? It’s like they were cats once, too. Julia stretches just like me, and Adam’s voice is like a purr. It’s neat. I like it here. A lot. I have my safe space under the bed, with the underbed cat, Bosley, who never hisses. We tumble together and he lets me win, and not just because I’m bigger. I think he really likes me. And I think one of these days the other cats will, too. I mean, they did let me in their home and all.


My bud, Bosley, in a rare moment outside of underbed.

And then they come… MES and Joseph. They squeeze me and whisper in my ear and I remember how loudly I would purr in my other home, before the wild catnip trip. I remember how cozy it was, how the light poured in through the windows when I slept atop my cat tree. In my walnut-sized brain I remember…

…and hope that one day she coos to me in Spanish again, and he spins me on the floor.

But right now, I am happy to be in a space where my human considers me “majestic!” And Bosley keeps guard at the north end of the underbed. Maybe I can have more cat-friends soon. I’m hissing back right now because I think that is what cat-decorum requires. I may rethink that soon. My throat hurts. And I want to PLAY!

(All photos courtesy of my loving for-now-human, Julia!)


*Click here if you didn’t understand my feline.


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    • Drat — page not loading but tab says “pussy.” I hope my erotica filters are not catching it!

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