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Aug 28 2013

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There is so much sun in Colorado. I am out in the sun, walking toward mountains. The path winds around lazy sprays of lavender that give off a powdery scent, like memories. I grab a sprig and squeeze it in my palm. It is pleasant accompaniment as I head toward a giggling stand of sunflowers* nodding in the breeze.

Sunflowers don’t really track the arc of the sun, as commonly believed. In fact, they often face east, away from the setting sun, looking back on the sun that brought their day into focus. Ready for the next. Present and tall in their conviction that this very spot of earth is where they belong.

I metabolize the sun and fan my petals the same. Sure of the spot where I stand, as I keep an eye on the East that brought my day into focus.


*Dä nukhä in Otomi (“Big flower that looks at the sun god”), the sunflower is a native American flower that has traditionally been related to solar worship and warfare — reportedly aphrodisiac, as well. Nature, love and war intertwined, again.


2 comments on “Focus”

  1. Hello. Where do you talk about your prison experiences, or did you save all of them for your book? I wish more women would speak out. It is very difficult to find others who have experienced the injustice the system. Not many people are writing about it. Thank you.

  2. Chicanogets — Thanks for the comment! I have a few things out and about the web ( and in various journals (Do you know J Journal? It is a quarterly collection of writings around the theme of justice, put out by John Jay College of Criminal Justice). The book will be out in a bit… My stories are mostly about the women I met while in prison. My experience was in Mexico, while their justice system was still even more messed up than it is now. Have you heard of the film “Presumed Guilty?” I worked with the directors post-production… if there is any way you can get your hands on it, it is a stinging documentary around the injustice of the system in Mexico. I will keep my eye on your surprising blog! Thanks for connecting!

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